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More scientific goodies lie further down the wormhole of the sixth sense, including quantum mechanics and String Theory, but we need look no further that the simplicity of random number generators for another layer of fascination. Not only can emotional information travel across space, there is evidence that it may transcend time as well. There was one date that stands out within the myriad of important events that were traced by the Global Conscious Project. On this date, the generators displayed a highly significant change, indicating the emotional charge of the residents of the surrounding area. This date was September 11, 2001 and the results were detected all around the world. The magnitude of the data results is not what makes this date stand out. What is significant is that the readings indicating emotional changes occurred BEFORE the 1st plane hit the first tower.

It is not fully known who actually discovered magnets, but they do have a long, legendary history. One theory claims that an old shepherd named Magnes of Crete first discovered lodestone, a naturally occurring substance with magnetic properties, after it was attracted to his iron-tipped shoe. Another theory claims that Archimedes, the renowned Greek ancient scientist, discovered the magnetite magnets of Turkey centuries ago and used it to sink ships by pulling out their nails. Others claim that in 600 B.C. Thales, an ancient Greek studied the forces of attraction between magnets and amber -a hardened resin.

After two years of working on my eating habits, my attitude, and me, I realize one of the greatest gifts I can give myself is to give to others. The happiness I feel inside is indescribable. Now I wish I were like Bill Gates and I could give away millions. What a great feeling that must be, but the truth is random acts of kindness probably feel equally amazing. Along with clean eating and positive attitude, helping others is vital to making me feel alive and complete. Maybe a week of acts seems overwhelming to you, but try a day and tell me the benefits aren’t amazing? Along with a salad and self-love, try a random act of kindness. I’m sure the health benefits of making someone else smile are huge. Feel free to share your acts with me and remember, no act is ever too small.

Remember to do your research on the different insurance strategy companies rather than going for the first incident strategy that you come across. Do your homework, look at the terms and conditions and consult protection strategy advisor to clear any doubts that you may have. Hopefully, you will never need to use that policy!

If you need Easter activities for the classroom, there are many different activities that you could choose. You may like to have the kids create Easter crafts but there are also many other educational Easter activities that are suitable for school. Some of these involve reading, writing and math so the learning doesn't have to stop while the kids have some Easter fun!